Last year, Apple introduced no fewer than three new iPhones: the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. Piece by piece gems, but the innovations distinguished to the iPhone X were scarce. Time to look ahead to the iPhone 11 release date, because we can expect new iPhone 11again this year.

 The current iPhones sell well, but the sales figures are disappointing. According to many analysts, the disappointing sales figures are mainly due to the limited innovations and the high price iPhone 11 release date. We list all iPhone 11 Pro rumors for you so that you get a good idea of the First iPhone with 3 camera lenses iPhone 11 release 2019.

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More and more details are popping up about the iPhone 2019 models thanks to, among others, The Wall Street Journal, they know that Apple will release three different models this year iPhone 11 release date. Two OLED versions (5.8-inch and 6.5-inch) and an LCD version (6.1-inch). For all three iPhones, Apple is likely to change the camera drastically. For example, the 6.1-inch LCD model may have a dual camera, probably the same as the current iPhone Xs.

Furthermore, rumors report that Apple has plans to provide the OLED iPhones with an additional camera lens. This means that the camera will soon consist of three lenses. This is not only good for better photos in low light or to zoom in up to 3x optically, but this is also a solution for 3D and AR technology.

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The Camera application is said to get the new Smart Frame function. Using the third wide-angle lens, the iPhone 11 Pro captures the image in a larger angle iPhone 11 release date. The perspective and framing of the photo can then be adjusted afterward. Using algorithms and artificial intelligence, iOS corrects the distorted image that a wide-angle lens provides. In addition, all 2019 iPhones may get a new night mode that ensures that you take better photos in a dark environment.

The image above shows a concept, it is not clear how Apple will add the third lens exactly, but a square instead of one below the other seems to be the most common at the moment.

Updated rear:

The screen sizes may remain the same, but the back will be completely overhauled. At the moment the glass has a hole for the camera, in the iPhone 11 release 2019 this will change and the back will be completely made of glass and the camera will be formed in this. This ensures that the camera will stick out and stand out less.

USB-C is not yet the standard:

At the end of last year, Apple introduced the first iOS device with USB-C: the iPad Pro 2018. Earlier it was said that Apple would also provide the iPhone with a USB-C port this year, but this is being postponed to next year. The iPhones will, therefore, receive a Lightning connection for the time being. The iPhone 11 release 2019 does come with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable and an 18W charger. This allows you to charge them (slightly) faster than the current standard chargers.

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Haptic Touch and Leap Haptics replace 3D Touch:

With the iPhone Xr, Apple introduced Haptic Touch, which simulates the 3D Touch operations with software. Apple seems to be very satisfied with this technique and will therefore probably say goodbye to 3D Touch. In iOS 13, Haptic Touch is further expanded and this function can also perform almost all (popular) 3D Touch operations without a touch-sensitive screen, even on the iPad. It is pretty sure that Apple is saying goodbye to 3D Touch iPhone 11 leak.

To compensate for the lack of 3D Touch, the iPhone maker introduces Leap Haptics, this is according to rumors the successor of the Taptic Engine. This is Apple's advanced vibrating motor that can simulate things such as pressing a button or on the screen in addition to tricks. In addition, the Engine also provides haptic feedback. iPhone 11 release date The Leap Haptics simulates the 3D Touch options even better and will probably be added in all three iPhones iPhone 11 leak.

Extensions for wireless charging:

It is not new that the new iPhone can be charged wirelessly, but expansions are still expected. Perhaps you can also charge other devices wirelessly with the new iPhone Xi, think of the second generation of AirPods. You can charge it wirelessly by placing it on the back of the iPhone. All this is made possible by a new and larger battery that lasts longer iPhone 11 leak.

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Larger battery for better battery life:

Whoever has an iPhone Xr knows better than anyone that the battery life lasts remarkably longer than previous generations of iPhones and even compared to the Xs. But the iPhone can still use extra battery life iPhone 11 release 2019. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that all iPhone 2019 models will get a larger battery, so the battery of the Max increases by 15%, the 5.8-inch model by 15% and the 6.1-iPhone by 5%. This means that the iPhone XR 2 will have the longest battery life ever.

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Apple Pencil support:

An old rumor has been taken away again, last year it also came in the news that the current iPhone models would receive Apple Pencil support. At the last minute that rumor was withdrawn and in the end, the iPhone Xs (Max) and Xr got no support for the Apple Pencil iPhone 11 leak.

Citi Research analysts now know for sure, on the iPhone 11 Pro leak you can use the Apple Penci iPhone 11 release 2019. They say they have found clues that indicate this, and they don't know what exactly this is. The suggestion is not strange, because Apple already registered patents in 2017 showing a Pencil and iPhone.

Other rumors:

New camera, improved back and extensions for Haptic Touch is nice, but the new generation iPhone will get even more improvements. All iPhone 2019 models will receive support for Wifi 6 , a super-fast A13 chip and, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the TrueDepth camera will be improved. The renewed flood illuminator, in particular, will ensure that your face is correctly recognized more often. At the launch of the iPhone X, it was said that the 2019 model would get a smaller notch, this may only be 2020.

When the appearance of the iPhone is changed then it goes without saying that new iPhone cases are also being launched. Due to adjustments in the camera, the current covers will not fit. 

iPhone 2019 name, sales date and possibly cheaper iPhone 11 leak

According to the latest rumors, the successor for the iPhone XR (6.1-inch) is named iPhone 11, successors for the iPhone Xs (5.8-inch) and Xs Max (6.5-inch) are named iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. This is not 100% sure, names like iPhone Xi and X2 are also possible.

Most likely the iPhone keynote will be held around September 10 and you can pre-order the new copies on Friday, September 13. The official sale will then start on 20 September. This last rumor comes from the Board Director of the Japanese SoftBank. From 1 October a new Japanese telecom commissioning law will be introduced that makes it no longer possible to offer devices in combination with a bundle. During a meeting, he was asked what should be done with the new iPhone 11 and he agreed. He said: ' I wonder what to do during those 10 days. Oh no, I shouldn't say that, I don't know when the new iPhone will be in the market. "

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Apple can make the iPhone cheaper by removing 3D Touch and its components iphone 11 lea. It is no secret that many Apple enthusiasts think the price of € 1159 and € 1259 is too high. For those reasons, consumers would postpone buying a new copy. Even Apple will really lower the price is currently also unclear.